Vol. 164 No. #24
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More Stories from the December 13, 2003 issue

  1. Physics

    Hints emerge of a four-quark particle

    Previously observed only in twos, threes, and perhaps in fives, quarks and antiquarks in a newfound particle may have glommed together to form a never-before-seen foursome.

  2. Health & Medicine

    Nanoparticles hunt down and kill tumors

    Gold nanoparticles, injected into mouse tumors and exposed to light, have been found to destroy cancer cells, a treatment approach that may one day offer an alternative to surgery.

  3. Astronomy

    Alien stars pass close to home

    Stars from an alien galaxy are raining down on our own Milky Way and passing just a few hundred light-years from Earth.

  4. Humans

    Panel turns critical eye on testosterone

    Existing evidence does not justify claims that testosterone treatments can relieve or prevent age-related problems in men, a panel of medical experts has concluded.

  5. Astronomy

    Spying a planet in star’s dusty veil

    Astronomers blocked out the light of a nearby star and found hints of an orbiting planet.

  6. Genome made quickly from scratch

    Scientists have synthesized a viral genome in record time.

  7. Earth

    Gemstone Geography: New technique discerns emeralds’ beginnings

    Water molecules trapped inside the minuscule channels of an emerald harbor telltale signs of the gem's geographic origin.

  8. Model Mice: Blood reveals signs of pancreatic cancer

    Mice that develop pancreatic cancer show signs of the disease long before malignant tumors arise, just as people with this type of cancer do.

  9. Astronomy

    Breach of the Shield: Magnetic links between sun and Earth last hours

    Once breaches have formed in Earth's protective magnetic field, they persist for many hours, allowing charged particles from the sun to gush through and create electrical disturbances.

  10. Humans


    Letters from the Dec. 13, 2003, issue of Science News.

  11. Earth

    Slowing Puberty? Pesticide may hinder development in boys

    Long-term exposure to the pesticide endosulfan may delay the onset of puberty in boys.

  12. Worried to Death: Lifelong inhibitions hasten rodents’ deaths

    In rats with a fear of novel situations, an exaggerated hormonal response to minor types of stress adds up to a shorter life than that of bold rats.

  13. Health & Medicine

    Risk Profile: C-reactive protein may presage hypertension

    High concentrations of the inflammatory compound C-reactive protein may signal an elevated risk of high blood pressure.

  14. Plants

    Sweet Lurkers: Cryptic fungi protect chocolate-tree leaves

    A whole world of fungi thrives inside tree leaves without causing any harm, and researchers now say these residents may help fight disease.

  15. Health & Medicine

    Ketones to the Rescue

    Medical researchers are investigating a slew of possible applications for acids called ketones, which the body produces naturally when deprived of carbohydrates and protein.

  16. Plants

    Warm-Blooded Plants?

    Research heats up on why some flowers have the chemistry to keep themselves warm.