Vol. 184 No. #13
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More Stories from the December 28, 2013 issue

  1. Ecosystems

    Virus-blocking insects taking over Vietnamese island

    Field trial tests mosquitoes that may stop the spread of dengue infection.

  2. Genetics

    Ancient Siberian bones clarify Native American origins

    Some New World ancestors came from western Eurasia, not East Asia.

  3. Astronomy

    High-energy neutrinos ensnared from beyond the solar system

    Speedy particles detected in Antarctica may point to gargantuan black holes or cataclysmic explosions.

  4. Materials Science

    Material inspired by dragonfly wings bursts bacteria

    Silicon studded with nanostructures could act as antimicrobial coating on medical devices.

  5. Animals

    Odd head of seahorse cloaks its sneak attacks

    Head shape creates hydrodynamic fake-out for stealth hunting.

  6. Health & Medicine

    Simple dietary supplements could help stave off AIDS

    Many people newly infected with HIV stayed healthy on regimen involving multivitamins and selenium.

  7. Life

    Compounds defeat malaria at every step

    Experimental drugs are first to kill all stages of the parasite’s infection cycle.

  8. Planetary Science

    Jupiter’s Great Red Spot explained

    A computer simulation is the first to explain how Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has survived for the nearly 200 years humans have observed it.

  9. Animals

    How koalas sing low

    Extra set of vocal cords lets males hit surprisingly low notes.

  10. Anthropology

    Ancient hominid bone serves up DNA stunner

    Spanish hominid fossil from 400,000 years ago reveals genetic ties to Asia’s mysterious Denisovans.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Cancer vaccine in near future foreseen

    Excerpt from the December 21, 1963 issue of SCIENCE NEWS LETTER.

  12. Animals

    Unusual new species names of 2013

    Here are five species with tongue-twister titles.

  13. Astronomy

    Year in Review: Meteorite makes an impact

    A falling rock delivers a wake-up call.

  14. Life

    Year in Review: Gift of steroids keeps on giving

    Mouse muscles stay juiced long after doping ends.

  15. Animals

    Year in Review: Odd cicada history emerges

    Brood II returns better understood.

  16. Cosmology

    Year in Review: Planck refines cosmic history

    The satellite data hint at a slower expansion rate for universe.

  17. Astronomy

    Year in Review: Visitor from the Oort cloud

    A visitor from the outer solar system flies past the sun.

  18. Math

    Year in Review: Progress made toward twin prime proof

    A surprising advance sparks a flurry of work on the mathematical conjecture.

  19. Anthropology

    Year in Review: Slain king’s bones dug up

    The king’s skeleton reveals fatal wounds.

  20. Humans

    Year in Review: New discoveries reshape debate over human ancestry

    Human evolution appears poised for a scientific makeover as the relationships among early hominids are disputed.

  21. Cosmology

    Year in Review: Dark energy gets more confusing

    New data raise the prospect of a ‘Big Rip’ destroying the cosmos.

  22. Animals

    Year in Review: Canine genealogy

    Competing clues confuse the story of dog domestication.

  23. Life

    Year in Review: A double dose of virus scares

    Outbreaks of two deadly viruses captured the world’s attention in 2013, but neither turned into the global pandemic expected to strike one of these years.

  24. Health & Medicine

    Year in Review: Sleep clears the cluttered brain

    Some forms of brain washing are good, like the thorough hosing the brain gets during sleep.

  25. Science & Society

    Year in Review: High court rules against gene patents

    The justices’ decision opens the way for choices in DNA testing.

  26. Humans

    Year in Review: Language learning starts before birth

    Babies seem familiar with vowels and words heard while in the womb.

  27. Genetics

    Year in Review: Caffeine triggers cloning advance

    To successfully clone human cells, eggs must be dunked in the stimulant.

  28. Climate

    Year in Review: Carbon dioxide levels pass milestone

    Although scientists are confident about humankind’s role in climate change, they still have a lot to learn about the magnitude and timing of future climate shifts.

  29. Health & Medicine

    Year in Review: Putting kids at risk

    U.S. parents increasingly are delaying their children’s vaccination.

  30. Planetary Science

    Year in Review: Methane shortage on Mars

    A trace of the gas is not enough to be a sign of life.

  31. Neuroscience

    Year in Review: Obama unveils brain initiative

    In April, the president announced an ambitious plan to reveal the human brain’s secrets.

  32. Psychology

    Year in Review: DSM-5’s controversial debut

    The diagnostic manual updates disorder criteria.

  33. Physics

    Year in Review: Below absolute zero, but hot

    Lab trickery pushes atoms to a negative temperature.

  34. Astronomy

    Year in Review: Death of a planet hunter

    The Kepler space telescope finishes a brilliant career.

  35. Astronomy

    Year in Review: Voyager 1 reaches interstellar space

    The planetary probe is the first human-made object to break out of the heliosphere.

  36. Neuroscience

    The Aesthetic Brain

    How We Evolved to Desire Beauty and Enjoy Art by Anjan Chatterjee.

  37. Particle Physics

    Higgs boson tale wins book prize

    The Particle at the End of the Universe by Sean Carroll.

  38. Astronomy

    Top exoplanet finds of 2013

    Here are some of the year’s most notable finds.

  39. Genetics

    Top genomes of 2013

    Scientists continue to decode the genetic blueprints of the planet’s myriad flora and fauna.