February 21, 2004 | Science News



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    Finding the star that was

    Sifting through archival images, astronomers have identified the star whose explosive demise was recorded by telescopes last year.
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    Nuclear pudding—to go

    Moving at nearly the speed of light, atomic nuclei hurtling through a huge particle collider may become mostly dense, flattened puddings of nuclear particles known as gluons.
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    New supergas debuts

    A cloud of ultracold potassium atoms, manipulated by means of a magnetic field, has coalesced into a new super form of matter called a fermionic condensate.
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    A view of Mars, European style

    Although the Mars lander Beagle 2 is presumed dead, its mother craft, the European Space Agency's Mars Express, has transmitted its first data from a polar orbit about the Red Planet.
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    Computation's New Leaf

    Plants in which large numbers of simple units interact with one another appear to compute how to coordinate the actions of their cells effectively.
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    Bare-Naked Galaxies

    A decade's worth of observations is spotlighting how the vast sea of gas surrounding a cluster of galaxies can alter the shape of a galaxy plowing through it.
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    The rat in the hat

    A compact positron-emission tomography (PET) brain scanner may make possible studies of awake rats that link brain functions and behaviors.