Vol. 172 No. #4
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More Stories from the July 28, 2007 issue

  1. Antidepressants trim suicide tries

    Treating depression with antidepressant drugs reduces the risk of suicide.

  2. Old viruses have new tricks

    Invading viruses can trick a cell into turning off its defense mechanisms.

  3. Earth

    Erosion accelerates along Alaskan coast

    Alaska's northern coast is falling into the sea at an accelerating rate.

  4. Planetary Science

    Saturn’s retinue: 60 and counting

    A little moon, two kilometers across, is Saturn's 60th satellite.

  5. Health & Medicine

    Perception is longevity

    Mice lived longer when they were fooled into sensing lower insulin levels than they actually had.

  6. Humans

    Universities seek armchair astronomers

    Scientists are recruiting online help from the public to classify the shapes of 1 million galaxies in never-before-viewed photographs.

  7. Weighting for Friends: Obesity spreads in social networks

    Obesity spreads as a social contagion through networks of friends and relatives, apparently because associating with overweight people encourages a laxer attitude toward weight gain.

  8. Health & Medicine

    Good Light: Sun early in life could protect against MS

    Childhood exposure to direct sunshine may protect people against developing multiple sclerosis later.

  9. Earth

    Stunting Growth: Ozone will trim plants’ carbon-storing power

    Increasing ground-level ozone due to pollution will stifle the growth of vegetation in many regions, accelerating the buildup of planet-warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

  10. Materials Science

    Sop Story: New porous gel soaks up heavy metal

    A new porous gel efficiently removes mercury from contaminated water and may also have the ability to catalyze chemical reactions such as those that generate hydrogen for fuel.

  11. Health & Medicine

    Grim Reap Purr: Nursing home feline senses the end

    A nursing home cat in Rhode Island knows when the end is nigh, predicting with uncanny accuracy when residents will die.

  12. Sweet Gatekeeper: Receptor depends on sugar and water

    Water and sugar molecules play a previously unsuspected role in the way that a ubiquitous receptor passes chemical messages between cells.

  13. Astronomy

    Heavenly Chemistry: Astronomers announce astrophysical anion

    Astronomers' discovery of a rare negatively charged organic molecule sheds light on conditions in interstellar gas clouds, where amino acids, sugars, and other prebiologic compounds form.

  14. Physics

    Slick serpent

    Oil poured into a pan of the same liquid drags along a surrounding air layer, which can make it skip in and out of the surface before it mixes in.

  15. Animals

    Not-So-Elementary Bee Mystery

    Old-style epidemiology casework combines with an array of 21st-century lab tests in the search for clues to the disappearance of honeybees.

  16. Computing

    Virtual Surgery

    Computer simulations of blood flow in the heart allow doctors to test surgical innovations before trying them on patients.

  17. Humans

    Letters from the July 28, 2007, issue of Science News

    Gyro Q & A Doesn’t “Spinning into Control” (SN: 05/19/07, p. 312) on flywheels leave out a significant aspect: the gyroscope effects of a rotating large mass? Wouldn’t it be a benefit for moving installations (stabilization) and a problem for immobile installations? Lee HukillPalo Alto, Calif. In the article, the flywheels depicted appear to have […]