1. Science & Society

    Outgoing congressman Rush Holt calls scientists to action

    The New Jersey physicist has decided not to run for re-election but is a proponent of scientists in office.

  2. Astronomy

    This winter warrior made the gravitational waves discovery possible

    Engineer Steffen Richter played an important role in the recent gravitational waves discovery, wintering at the Amundsen-Scott research station at the South Pole and making daily treks to keep the BICEP2 telescope running.

  3. Particle Physics

    Nobel’s sharp cuts

    Gerald Guralnik was home when he learned online that physicists François Englert and Peter Higgs had won the Nobel Prize in physics for formulating the same theory he had proposed nearly 50 years ago.

  4. Space

    Exploring Earth’s alien spaces

    Nathalie Cabrol, a planetary geologist and astrobiologist at the SETI Institute’s Carl Sagan Center and NASA’s Ames Research Center, both in Mountain View, Calif., hunts for alien life.

  5. Animals

    Seeking the loneliest whale

    An enigmatic whale roams the North Pacific, and next year Bruce Mate will lead a monthlong expedition to find it.

  6. Microbes

    Let the bedbugs bite

    Harold Harlan has been feeding bedbugs, intentionally, on his own blood since 1973. He keeps pint or quart jars in his home containing at least 4,000 bugs.

  7. Genetics

    A glowing green thumb

    Omri Amirav-Drory wants to engineer a glow-in-the-dark garden.

  8. Environment

    Atomic ant sand

    Robb Hermes asked for sand ants to get samples of Trinitite, a material created in the test blasts of the first atomic bomb.

  9. Neuroscience

    Finding the brain’s common language

    Erich Jarvis dreams of creating a talking chimpanzee. If his theories on language are right, that just might happen one day.

  10. Astronomy

    Postcards from Voyager

    Suzanne Dodd is project manager for NASA’s twin Voyager probes.

  11. Science & Society

    Tim Samaras, 1957–2013

    Tim Samaras spent the past twenty years chasing tornados. He was killed in a storm in May.

  12. Paleontology

    Blogger busts dinosaur myths

    The Science Life.