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Editor's Note

Does our latest issue look fat? If so, that’s a good thing

7:15am, May 2, 2018

Subscribers to Science News may note that this special double issue is a lot heftier than the usual magazine, boasting more than 20 pages of advertisements. That’s up from 13 pages in last spring’s expanded issue.

Indeed, our ace marketing department sold so many ads that we had to include more articles, which, as anyone in print publishing will tell you, is a very nice problem to have. Thus, you’ll see not our usual two enterprise features, but three.

We have astronomy writer Lisa Grossman’s beguiling look at how to cook up an exoplanet. Since no one knows the exact recipes for planets outside our solar system, scientists are making educated guesses on exoplanet composition and literally cooking up samples in the lab.

Behavioral sciences writer Bruce Bower tells the tale of an archaeologist who, thanks to

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