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Letters to the Editor

Readers ponder hominid hookups and more

Your letters and comments on the October 15, 2016, issue of Science News

2:30pm, November 30, 2016

Nuts about Neandertals

Recent genetic analyses of populations around the world showed that a wave of ancient humans left Africa about 50,000 to 72,000 years ago. All non-Africans alive today originated from this single wave, Tina Hesman Saey reported in “One Africa exodus populated globe” (SN: 10/15/16, p. 6).

“If the Neandertals were already present when Homo sapiens arrived on the scene, from whence did the N­eandertals originate, and how did they get there ahead of the (true) humans?” Peter Goodwin asked.

“Neandertals didn’t race ahead of humans out of Africa,” Saey says. Some

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