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Publisher – Maya Ajmera
Editor in Chief – Nancy Shute


Editor, Special Projects – Elizabeth Quill
News Director – Macon Morehouse
Digital Director – Kate Travis
Features Editor – Cori Vanchieri
Managing Editor, Magazine – Erin Wayman
Assistant Deputy News Editor – Emily DeMarco
Associate Editor – Cassie Martin
Associate Digital Editor – Helen Thompson
Audience Engagement Editor – Mike Denison

Astronomy – Lisa Grossman
Behavioral Sciences – Bruce Bower
Biomedicine – Aimee Cunningham
Earth & Climate – Carolyn Gramling
Life Sciences – Susan Milius
Molecular Biology, Senior Writer – Tina Hesman Saey
Neuroscience – Laura Sanders
Physics – Emily Conover
Social Sciences – Sujata Gupta
Staff Writer, Biological Sciences – Jonathan Lambert
Staff Writer, Physical Sciences – Maria Temming
Staff Writer – Erin Garcia de Jesus
Intern – Jack J. Lee
Contributing Correspondents – Laura BeilTom SiegfriedAlexandra Witze


Chief Design Officer – Stephen Egts
Design Director – Erin Otwell
Assistant Art Director – Chang Won Chang
Assistant Art Director – Tracee Tibbitts

Science News for Students

Editor – Janet Raloff 
Managing Editor – Sarah Zielinski
Staff Writer – Bethany Brookshire
Web Producer- Lillian Steenblik Hwang