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More Stories from the March 25, 2023 issue

  1. A photo of several lemons, some cut in half, and a small pitcher of lemon juice sitting on a wood counter top with a juicer in the background.
    Health & Medicine

    Here’s how lemon juice may fend off kidney stones

    Lemon nanoparticles slowed formation of kidney stones in rats. If the sacs work the same way in people, they could help prevent the painful crystals.

  2. A fossilized leaf of the extinct plant Gigantonoclea guizhouensis, with holes in pairs along the center

    Insect bites in plant fossils reveal leaves could fold shut millions of years ago

    The 252-million-year-old fossil leaves have symmetrical holes, which suggest an insect bit through the leaves when they were folded.

  3. An artistic portrayal of a southeastern European hunter-gatherer from the Gravettian culture. The man has dark skin and dark hair. He is wearing a skull cap, necklace and a fur shawl.

    Ancient DNA unveils disparate fates of Ice Age hunter-gatherers in Europe

    Ancient DNA unveils two regional populations that lived in what is now Europe and made similar tools but met different fates.

  4. A shoreline in southern Louisiana shows green marsh grass where it meets still water

    The Deepwater Horizon oil spill ruined long-term shore stability

    For at least eight years, the oil disaster continued to kill soil-retaining marsh plants along the Louisiana coast, accelerating shoreline loss.

  5. In a photo, stroke patient Heather Rendulic, who has dark hair and is wearing a dark shirt and a hospital mask, holds a Campbell's soup can. Devices used to monitor her implant are visible on her arm.
    Health & Medicine

    A new treatment could restore some mobility in people paralyzed by strokes

    Electrodes placed along the spine helped two stroke patients in a small pilot study regain control of their hands and arms almost immediately.

  6. A photo of a boy with an eye drop bottle being held above his eye by his mom in the background.
    Health & Medicine

    Medicated eye drops may delay nearsightedness in children

    Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a growing global health threat. But a Hong Kong study found that medicated eye drops may delay its onset in children.

  7. A close up photo of a clear liquid forming a bubble on what appears to be a black and gold circuit board.
    Health & Medicine

    A gel cocktail uses the body’s sugars to ‘grow’ electrodes in living fish

    A chemical reaction with the body’s own sugars turned a gel cocktail into a conducting material inside zebrafish brains, hearts and tail fins.

  8. An asian woman curled up in pain on a couch, clutching her stomach.
    Health & Medicine

    An antibody injection could one day help people with endometriosis

    An injectable antibody treatment that reduced signs of endometriosis in monkeys is now being tested in a Phase 1 clinical trial in people.

  9. A simulation image of filaments and clusters shown in blue lines and pink dots.

    Astronomers spotted shock waves shaking the web of the universe for the first time

    Studying these elusive shock waves could give scientists a better look at the mysterious magnetic fields that permeate the cosmic web.

  10. Two different versions of Google's quantum computer chip, Sycamore, shown on a light gray backdrop
    Quantum Physics

    Google’s quantum computer reached an error-correcting milestone

    A larger array of quantum bits outperformed a smaller one in tests performed by Google researchers, suggesting quantum computers could be scaled up.