Vol. 192 No. 9
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More Stories from the November 25, 2017 issue

  1. Life

    Gut fungi might be linked to obesity and inflammatory bowel disorders

    Fungi are overlooked contributors to health and disease.

  2. Environment

    Pollution killed 9 million people in 2015

    First global look estimates the massive human and financial toll caused by pollution-related health problems.

  3. Cosmology

    What detecting gravitational waves means for the expansion of the universe

    The latest LIGO signal proves that gravitational waves travel at the speed of light, ruling out a swath of cosmological theories in the process.

  4. Life

    Nanoscale glitches let flowers make a blue blur that bees can see

    Bees learn about colorful floral rings faster when nanoscale arrays aren’t quite perfect.

  5. Genetics

    New CRISPR gene editors can fix RNA and DNA one typo at a time

    New gene editors can correct common typos that lead to disease.

  6. Quantum Physics

    Light’s weird dual nature weathers trip to space and back

    “Delayed-choice” experiment performed in space reaffirms the idea that light can behave like a wave or a particle.

  7. Paleontology

    T. rex’s silly-looking arms were built for slashing

    Tyrannosaurus rex may have used its small arms for slashing prey.

  8. Climate

    As ice retreats, frozen mosses emerge to tell climate change tale

    Plants long entombed beneath Canadian ice are now emerging, telling a story of warming unprecedented in the history of human civilization.

  9. Tech

    This is the lightest robot that can fly, swim and take off from water

    Lightweight, insect-inspired robot can swim, fly and leap from the surface of water.

  10. Animals

    Climate change may threaten these bamboo-eating lemurs

    Longer dry spells and more nutrient-poor bamboo might eventually doom the greater bamboo lemur, a critically endangered species.

  11. Astronomy

    An interstellar asteroid might have just been spotted for the first time

    A newly spotted asteroid might be the first known to come from outside the solar system, and it could carry information about the makeup of alien planet systems.

  12. Physics

    Photons are caught behaving like superconducting electrons

    Light particles, or photons, swap energy like electrons in a superconductor.

  13. Earth

    Wind may be driving the melting of East Antarctica’s largest glacier

    Winds may be helping warm ocean waters speed up the melting of East Antarctica’s largest glacier.

  14. Earth

    Dino-dooming asteroid impact created a chilling sulfur cloud

    The Chicxulub impact spewed more sulfur than previously believed.

  15. Health & Medicine

    Artificial insulin-releasing cells may make it easier to manage diabetes

    Synthetic cells crafted in the lab could provide a more precise, longer-lasting diabetes treatment.

  16. Animals

    No more than 800 orangutans from this newly identified species remain

    Endangered population of orangutans is the oldest surviving red ape lineage, a new study finds.