1. Animals

    Many fish run on empty

    Many fish eat all the time, while some others spend their days going from brief feast to lengthy famine.

  2. Animals

    Singing frog in China evokes whales, primates

    A frog in China warbles and flutes with such versatility that its high-pitched calls sound like those of birds or whales.

  3. Ecosystems

    No Way to Make Soup—Thirty-two tons of contraband shark fins seized on the high seas

  4. Animals

    Ant Enforcers: To call in punishment, top ant smears rival

    In Brazilian ant colonies where a female has to fight her way to the top, she stays in power through some judicious gang violence.

  5. Animals

    Blame winter for the vanishing sparrows

    Changes in winter farming practices may help explain a puzzling drop in number of rural house sparrows in southern England.

  6. Animals

    Getting a Grip: How gecko toes stick

    Scientists have pinned down the molecular basis of the gecko's astonishing ability to scamper up polished walls and hang from ceilings, paving the way for a new type of synthetic dry adhesive.

  7. Plants

    Time Capsules: Seeds sprout 120 years after going underground

    An experiment designed by a botany professor to last longer than his own life has demonstrated that seeds of two common flowers still sprout and blossom despite more than a century in a bottle.

  8. Animals

    New frog-killing disease may not be so new

    The skin disease that savaged amphibians in remote wildernesses in the 1990s has been linked to outbreaks in the 1970s.

  9. Animals

    What’s the Mane Point? Foes and females both have role

    The condition of a lion's mane apparently advertises high-quality mates to picky females and wards off male adversaries.

  10. Ecosystems

    Plants hitch rides with box turtles

    In the pine rocklands of southern Florida, at least nine plant species find new homes by traveling through a turtle's gut.

  11. Plants

    Sunflower genes don’t fit pattern

    Comparison between crop and wild sunflower genes suggests that the plant followed an easy route to domestication.

  12. Animals

    Male butterflies are driven to drink

    Monarch butterflies that winter in California, especially males that had a demanding day, search out dewdrops as a water source.