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2017 delivered humility, and proved our potential

8:46am, December 13, 2017
composite image of top science stories of 2017

Scientists witnessed gigantic events this year — a neutron star collision and a calving Antarctic iceberg — and also demonstrated the transformative power of more minuscule changes.

The Top 10 science stories of 2017, selected by Science News staff and presented in this year-end issue, have the potential to make you feel small and certainly humble. Our No. 1 story of the year takes place an unfathomably distant 130 million light-years away, where a neutron star smashup produced, by some estimates, 10 Earth masses worth of gold — wow! That’s enough for many trillions of trillions of wedding bands. A bit closer to home, in a solar system just 39 light-years away, seven Earth-sized worlds, at least three of them

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