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What’s ahead for science in 2017?

Science News writers share what they expect to cover in the year to come

9:00am, December 20, 2016

WHAT'S NEXT?  The Juno mission to Jupiter (shown) is sure to make headlines in 2017. But, says one writer, some of the best stories “are the ones you don’t predict.”

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As science journalists look back on the top stories of the year, scientists push on, asking the next questions and chasing fresh data. What big discoveries might they deliver in 2017? Science News writers reveal what they are watching for — and hoping for — in the year ahead. 

Bruce Bower

Behavioral Sciences

“I look forward to seeing where the reproducibility debate goes,” says Bruce Bower, referring to recent reports that many findings in psychology (and other sciences) don’t hold up in repeat experiments (SN: 4/2/16, p. 8). Some psychology journals now publish multilab replication efforts that often challenge

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