Vol. 201 No. 8

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More Stories from the April 23, 2022 issue

  1. illustration of Spinosaurus, a dinosaur with a large fin, hunting fish

    Spinosaurus’ dense bones fuel debate over whether some dinosaurs could swim

    New evidence that Spinosaurus and its kin hunted underwater won't be the last word on whether some dinosaurs were swimmers.

  2. image of the Milky Way with exoplanet orbits indicated by purple circles

    NASA’s exoplanet count surges past 5,000

    With a new batch of 60 confirmed exoplanets, the number of known worlds in our galaxy reaches another milestone.

  3. photo of a boa constrictor consuming prey

    Here’s how boa constrictors squeeze their dinner without suffocating themselves

    Carefully controlled breathing allows boa constrictors to pull off their signature move without cutting off their own air supply.

  4. photo of the Milky Way with purple hues in the sky above the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope in China

    Here’s the best timeline yet for the Milky Way’s big events

    A new study puts more precise dates on when the Milky Way formed its thick disk and collided with a neighboring galaxy.

  5. a cotton bollworm moth caterpillar on a leaf

    How a virus turns caterpillars into zombies doomed to climb to their deaths

    By manipulating genes used in vision, a virus sends its host caterpillar on a doomed quest for sunlight, increasing the chances for viral spread.

  6. rows of puzzle pieces with the letters A, T, C and G and one section highlighted

    We finally have a fully complete human genome

    Finding the missing 8 percent of the human genome gives researchers a more powerful tool to better understand human health, disease and evolution.

  7. illustration of bobcat-like ancient animal prowling in a forest

    A new saber-toothed mammal was among the first hypercarnivores

    A 42-million-year-old jawbone with slicing teeth and a gap to fit saberlike teeth is pegged to a new species of the mysterious Machaeroidine group.

  8. photo of a green rainforest canopy with the Amazon river in the background

    Forests help reduce global warming in more ways than one

    Trees are often touted as bulwarks against climate change for their capacity to sequester carbon, but that’s just one part of the story.

  9. A vampire bat in flight at night

    Lost genes may help explain how vampire bats survive on blood alone

    The 13 identified genes underpin a range of physiological and behavioral strategies that the bats have evolved.

  10. a photo of a hand scratching red scaly skin on a person's elbow. Only the person's torso and arms are in frame.
    Health & Medicine

    50 years ago, scientists were seeking the cause of psoriasis

    In the 1970s, scientists found a link between a chemical messenger and psoriasis, a complex inflammatory skin disorder.

  11. illustration of the New Horizons spacecraft with interplanetary dust in the background and the sun in the very distant background

    The universe’s background starlight is twice as bright as expected

    Images from the New Horizons spacecraft suggest that light from all known galaxies accounts for only half of the cosmos’ visible background glow.