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Letters to the Editor

Reader favorites of 2015

Here are our top online stories and blogs by popular demand

7:00am, December 17, 2015

SHAPE SHIFT  By studying changes in Ganymede's aurora (illustrated), scientists were able to determine that liquid water flows just beneath the moon's surface.

In 2015, the Science News website attracted more than 8 million visitors, who sometimes surprised us with their clicking habits. The lists below recognize the most-read online stories (that don’t appear in our Top 25), as well as the most popular blog posts.

Top online stories

1. Aurora shift confirms Ganymede’s ocean
Subtle changes in the aurora on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede (illustrated above) clued scientists in to the fact that liquid water flows just beneath the moon’s surface (SN: 4/4/15, p. 14).

2. Ring brings ancient Viking and Islamic civilizations closer together
An engraved ring discovered in a woman’s grave in Sweden reveals evidence of close contacts between the Islamic

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