Vol. 202 No. 7
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cover of the October 8 2022 & October 22, 2022 issue

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More Stories from the October 8, 2022 issue

  1. Health & Medicine

    5 people with lupus are in remission after CAR-T cell treatment

    More than six months after CAR-T cell treatment, five patients are in remission and have functional immune systems.

  2. Earth

    50 years ago, scientists found a new way to clean up oil spills

    In the 1970s, researchers added chemicals to the list of oil spill cleanup methods. Soon, they may add microbes.

  3. Plants

    The worldwide water-lifting power of plants is enormous

    The energy used per year by the world’s plants to lift sap rivals the amount of energy generated by all hydroelectric dams, a new study suggests.

  4. Genetics

    Can’t comb your kid’s hair? This gene may be to blame

    Scientists linked variants of one hair shaft gene to most of the uncombable hair syndrome cases they tested.

  5. Earth

    In 2021, a deadly volcano erupted with no warning. Here’s why

    Before the Nyiragongo eruption, underground magma was already close to the surface and so didn’t trigger instruments that look for lava movement.

  6. Animals

    Need to keep cockatoos out of your trash? Try bricks, sticks or shoes

    In Sydney, humans may be in an escalating arms race with cockatoos. People are trying new tools to keep the pesky parrots out of their trash.

  7. Life

    Not all camouflage is equal. Here are prey animals’ best options

    When prey masquerade as innocuous objects in the environment, they slow detection from predators by nearly 300 percent.

  8. Paleontology

    Living fast may have helped mammals like ‘ManBearPig’ dominate

    Staying in the womb for a while but being born ready to rock may have helped post-dinosaur mammals take over the planet.

  9. Planetary Science

    Saturn’s rings and tilt might have come from one missing moon

    The hypothetical moon, dubbed Chrysalis, could have helped tip the planet over before getting shredded to form the rings, researchers suggest.

  10. Planetary Science

    Passing through the Milky Way’s arms may have helped form Earth’s solid ground

    Barrages of comets stirred up by the early solar system’s journey around the center of the galaxy could explain the timing of ancient rock formation.

  11. Anthropology

    Humans may have started tending animals almost 13,000 years ago

    Remnants from an ancient fire pit in Syria suggest that hunter-gatherers were burning dung as fuel by the end of the Old Stone Age.

  12. Animals

    DNA reveals donkeys were domesticated 7,000 years ago in East Africa

    When and where donkeys were domesticated has been a long-standing mystery. DNA now reveals they were tamed much earlier than horses.

  13. Health & Medicine

    Who has the highest risk of long COVID? It’s complicated

    Long COVID can look different for different people, making it difficult to pinpoint the risk factors behind it.

  14. Health & Medicine

    Christopher Barnes is on a quest for a universal coronavirus vaccine

    Christopher Barnes wants to stop the viruses that cause COVID-19, the common cold and more.

  15. Anthropology

    Tina Lasisi wants to untangle the evolution of human hair

    Tina Lasisi is pioneering studies of human variation in an ethical and scientifically sound way.

  16. Particle Physics

    Carlos Argüelles hunts for particles beyond the standard model

    Carlos Argüelles overcame hardship and discrimination to pursue a passion for physics.

  17. Health & Medicine

    Smruthi Karthikeyan turned to wastewater to get ahead of COVID-19

    Smruthi Karthikeyan’s system for tracking the coronavirus gives lifesaving public health measures a head start.

  18. Earth

    Jacky Austermann looks to the solid earth for clues to sea level rise

    Jacky Austermann’s work could help inform practical climate change solutions for at-risk coastal cities.

  19. Life

    Marcos Simões-Costa asks how cells in the embryo get their identities

    Marcos Simões-Costa combines classic studies of developing embryos with the latest genomic techniques.

  20. Computing

    Huijia Lin proved that a master tool of cryptography is possible

    Cryptographer Huijia Lin showed that the long-sought “indistinguishability obfuscation” is secure from data attacks.

  21. Chemistry

    Josep Cornella breaks boundaries to make new and better catalysts

    Josep Cornella reinvents chemical reactions essential for agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry.

  22. Neuroscience

    Emily Jacobs wants to know how sex hormones sculpt the brain

    Emily Jacobs studies how the brain changes throughout women’s reproductive years, plus what it all means for health.

  23. Planetary Science

    Robin Wordsworth re-creates the atmosphere of ancient Mars

    Robin Wordsworth studies the climates of Mars and other alien worlds to find out whether they could support life.